DevOps Services

To minimize security risks, it is important to take security measures at all stages of the migration. Tenendo offers cloud migration support services and provides advice on secure cloud migration.


Infrastructure as code (IaC) is a form of configuration management that codifies an organization’s infrastructure resources into text files. Infrastructure automation is required to accelerate DevOps processes.


Kubernetes is an open-source container management system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Tenendo experts offer a clear migration plan, based on which all changes will go smoothly and predictably


Tenendo experts help customers to deliver high quality and cost-effective business services. Configuration management is a core component of this goal.
Configuration management is a business value-oriented job that uses an operational management process and implements tools to support its mission.


Tenendo experts offer a managed service for centralized logging management. While you concentrate on your highest business priorities, we help consolidate all your logs in one place, access them through a web interface, and control their access according to your organization’s policies. Using our extensive experience with the ELK stack, we make Kubernetes logging very easy, secure, and reliable.


Most of the volume and cost of disaster recovery will depend on your business processes. Experts from the Tenendo company will help you create a system disaster recovery strategy plan and implement it; test it and obtain the necessary metrics.