Ilya Aksyonenko

OSCP, Penetration tester

An experienced penetration tester specialized in adversary simulations and infrastructure tests for FinTech companies. Ilya has a strong theoretical and technical background coupled with hands-on experience in technical security assessments and social engineering.

Olga Aksyonenko

Test automation architect, Test manager

Independent test consultant with more than 12 years of software development experience and 8 years of software automated testing experience. Olga is an expert in test methodology, test strategy, data processing, systems architecture as well as test framework development.

Ilya’s area of responsibility:

  • Conduct application penetration tests
  • Perform vulnerability assessments
  • Conduct social engineering tests
  • Provide consultancy on remediation activities
  • Work with security staff to harden security policies and processes
  • Advise on building internal penetration testing processes

Olga’s area of responsibility:

  • Determine the test strategy
  • Define testing frameworks and methodologies
  • Work with system architects to ensure that the application is designed for testing
  • Lead analysis and proof of concept activities around automation
  • Ensure automation consistency for build verification tests and nightly regression suites
  • Identify opportunities for everything associated with automation, such as:
    • test preparation
    • setup and configuration
    • staging test cases and data
    • virtualizing test environments
    • setup test measurement
    • GUI cross-browser testing