Managed Testing Services

It’s not that hard to write a little code to exercise a system. The problem comes 6 to 12 months later when a test run takes hours, the test environment and results get flaky, and the programmers change the expected behavior of the system, transforming the nature of the tool from test automation to change detection.


Application deployment and support costs directly depend on application performance and resource use. Performance testing allows us to predict and monitor the system load in order to optimize infrastructure and development requirements. Our service seamlessly integrates performance testing in your existing testing processes.


Our complete test solution is a scalable cost-effective combination of innovation and industry expertise. Managed Functional testing is the solution for clients who want to transform their testing process to develop and test high-quality applications cost-effectively, removing large testing overheads, and optimizing day-to-day testing activities without losing overall project control.


Testing should be done at every data entity level to ensure that the data coming into the data warehouse is presented and transformed according to the project requirements.
We can help you build a cost-effective and scalable big data validation strategy and implement it in your project.