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Automated Testing setup in the project

It’s not that hard to write a little code to exercise a system. The problem comes 6 to 12 months later when a test run takes hours, the test environment and results get flaky, and the programmers change the expected behavior of the system, transforming the nature of the tool from test automation to change detection.

New way of working implementation in the financial project

Average Defect lifetime decreased to 2-3 days.
Test expertise sharing between developers, components testers and system testers led to a synergistic effect in the teams.
The use of more complete and complex test data led to the finding of errors in the early stages (defect costs decreased).
Independent teamwork with the necessary continuous integration significantly accelerated the development and features release.

CI/CD Implementation and Testing

In the modern world of Agile development, not only the speed on new features development is of great importance, but also the speed of functionality delivery to the customer. And in order for the customer to receive new functionality, the tested ones require the joint efforts of developers, DevOps & testers. We help to organize and coordinate CI/CD processes in the project, find and eliminate pitfalls, and significantly accelerate delivery.

Automated test. Case study

The most important factor that necessitates test automation is the short development cycle. Agile teams have only a few weeks to get a grasp of the requirement, make the code changes, and test the changes. If all testing were to be done manually, the time required would surpass the actual development time. Alternatively, testing would have to be hurried, thus compromising on quality.